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Playfair Music expands its reach

Sarnia Observer

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Playfair Music is a local Sarnia business that provides entertainment and music services to Sarnia and the surrounding area. We are continuously expanding our horizons, and our most recent endeavour is our new Playfair Music Complex, located at 355 South Mitton Street in Sarnia, Ontario. We have been working hard for the past year to bring everything together, making the necessary changes and repairs so that the building will suit our purposes, and with the help of many generous and hard-working hands, it has been a great success!


For a look at all our services, please check the tabs above. This website is currently a work in progress, and therefore may not have exactly what you are looking for, so for any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us!

Phone: (519) 330-2651

Email: playfaircomplex@gmail.com